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Meditation In Egypt
Meditation In Egypt

means to see things as they really are; it is way for self-transformation through self-observation. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, Ancient Egyptians discover this as many of the old civilization in the world, the pyramids shape great idea still a secret till now, man still try discover the effect of the pyramids shape on the man soul in far east there are many different ways & ideas depend on the philosophy of the culture, in India are many ways in Buddhism, yoga & many other ways. There are many types of meditation; the famous & easiest ones are Insight Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, and Insight meditation.

All meditation types give great benefits for who believe on it, for Mind:- it Increased Creativity - Improved Perception - Increased IQ - Broader Comprehension - Greater Orderliness, for Behavior:- Increased Productivity - Self Actualization - Increased Relaxation - Decreased Drug Abuse - Improved Relations at Work - Increased Self - Concept, for Environment:- Decreased Crime - Decreased Violent Fatalities - Reduced Conflict - Improved Quality of Life For Body - Lower Blood Pressure - Change in Breathing - Reduced Anxiety - Deep Rest - Reduced Medical Care -1 - Reduced Medical Care -2 - Reversal of Aging - Improved Health - Decreased Stress. Methods:- Free wide places under the sky better when it closed to green areas with water or over mountains, when it campaign with Hydrotherapy treatment  at SPA or Aromatherapy massage in specially Lotus perfumes oil, Ancient Egyptian Places:- inside the great pyramids – Sakkara area – Luxor specially kranak & Deir el bahary temple - also in Abydous temple St, Catharine - felucca on the Nile, Sinai Mountains specially in sarabit el khadim or St,Catharine.

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