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Snorkeling In Egypt
Snorkeling In Egypt

Snorkeling in Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Hurghada & Among the most interesting events on a trip in Egypt is a Beach Break on the coast of the Red Sea, Snorkeling In Egypt, Snorkeling is one of the easiest and most popular ways to enjoy the amazing underwater world in the Red Sea and it is a great introduction to the underwater world and all its mysteries & beauty. Most of visitors come to Egypt for the ancient history, the pyramids and the temples, but well-known beaches and water activities on offer surprise them.

The Red Sea Coast of Egypt is well-known for its warm climate, crystal & clear blue water, white sand, vibrant living coral reefs, tropical fish, sometimes even dolphins and turtles, it’s a perfect spot for snorkelers ready to explore the region.

The resort town of Hurghada is among the most popular destinations on the coast, located just an hour (by air) from Cairo. Just north of the town of Hurghada is El Gouna, a top tourist destination, Makadi Bay and Soma Bay are top attractions for snorkelers that come to enjoy the warm waters and colorful reefs of the area. Further south, the seaport of Safaga is known for the healing properties of its black sand beaches.

The best place for snorkeling in all of the Red Sea Coast is the National Park of Mahmya Island, covering 3000 square meters of Gifton Island.

The chance to snorkel in the Red Sea has shown an interest in underwater life for lots of visitors. It is possible to begin your trip with snorkeling and advance to lessons in scuba. Once you begin to explore coral and marine life, it is a natural progression to want to swim deeper, granting access to more sights. Scuba schools are available along this coast as well as private boats to hire for a day or even more, to see the best of what the Red Sea Riviera has to offer.

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