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Wind Surf Holidays In Egypt
Wind Surf Holidays In Egypt

Windsurfing holidays to Egypt. Visit Egypt Tours specialist in tailor made holiday to include private tours, luxury hotels, windsurf course and daily windsurf excursions. With its beautiful weather, Turquoise water and consistent winds year-round, Egypt is one of the world’s top destinations for kite surfing and windsurfing holidays Due to its shallow & clear water.

Windsurfers of all levels will find environment to suit them - whether you're a beginner looking for expert training or an advanced windsurfer looking for great conditions and equipments, Egypt is the best place for you.The reliable, strong and fresh winds of Dahab make it a very popular destination in Egypt. In recent years

Dahab has become a paradise for divers and windsurfers, Flocking to the sunshine in the winter months. Like famous Dahab in the Sinai, the old town of Hurghada has always been a favorite destination for windsurfers and thanks to the strong winds, numerous windsurf centers have been established, especially in the southern part of the town.

is perfectly suitable for all skill levels, where you will enjoy windsurfing, no matter whether you are beginner, intermediate or expert. Training takes place in a shallow water area in ideal conditions for practicing water starts.

Abu Soma
Our center is on the southern end of the huge Soma Bay, right in front of the five star Caribbean World Resort Soma Bay and only a few short minutes away from the well known Palm Royale Soma Bay. The whole bay gives rise to absolutely sensational - and incredibly varied - windsurfing and kiting conditions: flat water, small to medium sized waves and shallow areas offer something for every level of ability. Due to the small, offshore islands and reefs, the entire bay feels as though it is framed, which gives a very pleasant feeling of security when you are out windsurfing and kiting.

Lahami Bay Whether a beginner or a more experienced windsurfer, the vast protected coral free basin of Lahami Bay, together with excellent wind patterns, offer some of the finest conditions for windsurfing on the Red Sea. The Windsurfing Centre is situated to the south of the resort on its own stretch of  beach. All equipment is top quality and maintained to the highest standards, including Naish windsurf boards as well as Neilpryde Sails. 
Instruction for beginners is available in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

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Wind Surf Holiday In Egypt
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