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Egypt Fishing Holidays
Egypt Fishing Holidays

Many of today's sports were practiced by the Ancient Egyptians, who set the rules and regulations for them. Inscriptions on monuments indicate that they practiced wrestling, weightlifting, long jump, Swimming, Rowing, Shooting, Fishing and athletics, as well as various kinds of ball games.

Fishing was one of the sports practiced by kings, princes and commoners. There are many drawings of scenes of fishing as a hobby on the Sakkara tombs of the Old Kingdom as much as there are on the New Kingdom monuments. Many people take fishing as their preferable hobby; it allows them to have time with themselves in the beauty of the nature. Red Sea, Lake Nasser & the Nile has their unique magic and charm as fishing areas. Fishing in the River Nile is so popular among fishermen. It can also provide them with their daily food.

On the other hand, Lake Nasser is the largest man-made lake; it is approximately 310 miles in length (1550 square miles) and, in places, can reach a depth of 600 feet. Thirty-two species of fish, as well as Nile River crocodiles, are found in the lake. 80,000 tons of fish are caught per year. The lake is populated by peasant fishermen.

The Red Sea is one of the most interesting and active fishing destinations on earth; especially if compared to others, probably relative calmness, variety of species, and the warm climate contribute to this. Red Sea and Gulf of Suez fishing trips range from day charters to 7d/7n non-stop safaris. Longer time not only means more time to enjoy fishing and better chances to catch, but also possibility to reach more rewarding fishing spots

Fish Names

Red Sea
Amphiprion Bicinctus, Angelfish, Anthias Squamipinnis, Bigeye, Black spotted Grunts, Blacktip Grouper, Blue spotted grouper, Blue Spotted Stringary, Bristly Puffer, Goatfish, Coral Grouper Grat Turtle, Crocodile Fish, Gaint Clam, Hawkfish, Hurghada Star, I,perial Shrimp, Lion Fish, Common Lizardfish, Masked butterfly Fish, Medriidae, Mimic Blenny, Moray Eel, Parrotfish, Pygoplites Diacanthus, Sabre Squirrelfish, Sea Amemone, Small Tooth Grouper, Spanish Dancer Nudibranch, Stinging  Coelenterata, Spine Procupine Fish, Stiped Butterfly Fish, Suez Fusilier, Surgeonfish, Thorny Seahorse, Tower Bar Anemone Fish, Triggerfish & Urchin.

Nasser Lake
Nile Perch, Tiger Fish & Cat fish.

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