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Diving In Egypt
Diving In Egypt

Information about diving sites and diving spots in Egypt and the Red Sea. The land of the pharaohs is mainly known for its extraordinary archaeological history, its great pyramids and the sandy dunes of the desert.

However, what you may not have realized is that there is also a good deal of fun that can be had through scuba diving in Egypt. The Red Sea is the perfect place for all kind of water sports; it allows access to a variety of different forms of sea life. Contrary to its name, the

Red Sea has the bluest and coolest of all waters found on the earth's surface. In fact, nothing can top its place as the number one scuba destination spot in the whole world. In fact, the Red Sea was once even selected by a group of scientists as the most important underwater wonder of the world. The reef structures often extend up into shallow waters and the marine life that lives among them is particular to the Red Sea. This means that you will be able to view specific types of fish, crustaceans and other beautiful sea life that you cannot see anywhere else in the world including plenty of fish specimens that are not found in other areas.

When you go to your scuba diving adventure in Egypt, you should know that there are two main areas where you can successfully dive. Both of these have been set up to be main diving locations and they also having many shops where you can purchase or rent diving equipments. One is Sharm El Sheikh and the other Hurghada.

The Coral Sea around Hurghada, which contains over 200 different coral species, is one of several factors that have made it a world-famous scuba diving holiday destination. Scuba divers and those who want to learn to dive come to Hurghada from all over the world to enjoy superb visibility (around 50 meters), diverse marine life (over 1000 species of fish) and warm waters (18° to 26°C). Famous Hurghada dive sites include the nature reserve on Giftun Island and reef diving in the area around Makadi Bay.

More experienced divers might enjoy a diving safari to visit some of the easily-accessible dive sites off the coast, such as the coral outcrops of Taba, the impressive vertical coral walls of Ras Mohammed.

In short, going on a scuba diving holiday in Egypt is something that you have to do at least once if you are a serious diver. The experience is truly one of a kind. It is something that you can treasure forever, It is a memory that will eternally be kept in your mind for very long time.

Diving Spots
Amphoras, Flasher Reef, Gardens, Gordon Reef, Far Garden, Middle Garden, Near Garden, Jackson Reef, Lagoon a center, Lara Ship Wreck, Paradise, Pinky's Wall, Ras Bob, Ras Ghamila, Ras Katy, Ras Umm Sid, Shark Bay, Sinifar Island, Temple, Thomas Reef, Turtle Bay, White Knights & Woodhouse Reef.

Ras Mohammed
Alternatives & Stingray Station, Eel Garden, Jackfish Alley or Fisherman Bank, Lonely Mushroom, Shag Rock, Carina, Kingston or Sarah H, Shark Observatory, Shark, Jolande Reef and Anemone City, Small Passage & Small Crack.

Rass Panas
Fury Shoal Sataya or Dolphin Reef, Gota White Rock, Hamada, Mikauwa Island & White Rock.

Abu Telhar or The Huts, Bannerfish Bay, Bells and Blue Hole, Canyon and Fish Bowl, Caves, Daniela House Reef, Eel Garden, El-Shugarat, Gabr el-Bint, Golden Blocks, Islands ,Lighthouse Reef, Masbat, Lion Fish Rock, Mashraba, Romans Rocks, Moray Gardens, Napoleon Reef, Ras Abu Galum, Ras Abu Helal or Small Canyon, Ras Umm Sid, Red Tooth Trigger Bay, Ricks Reef, Salah's Place, Sha'ab Khanzir, Shoe Stump, Three Pools, 7 Pinnacles, Laguna & Maze.

Al Ma'Agana, Bawake, Dolphin Bay, El Hibeq, El Huwei MFO, Ras Mumiash, Ras Shetan, Devils Head, Ray Hole, Rock Sea, Shaab Elaria, Swiss Care Resort Housereef, T-Reef, Um Raicher & Valley.

Abu Hashish, Abu Ramada Island, Blind Reef or Shabrour Siyul, Careless Reef, El Aruk, El Mina, Excalibur, Suzanna, Giftun Kebir, Giftun Soraya, Gota Abu Ramada, Ras Disha, Rosalie Moller, Sha'ab Abu Nugar, Sha'ab Abu Nuhas, Sha'ab el-Erg Reef, Sha'ab Umm Gamar, Sha'ab Umm Godor, Shadwan Islands, Aruk Diana, Aruk Gifton & Aruk Gigi.

Abu Kafan, Arpha Bank, Fellow Rocks, Middle Reef, Panorama Reef, Ras Abu Soma, Salem Express, Sha'ab Claude, Sha'ab Quais, Sha'ab Sheer, Sharm el-Naga & Tobias Reefs.

El Qusseir
El Kaf, Green Hole, Mangrove Bay, Quei Reef, Ras Shauna, Sharm El Quibli & Soug Bohar or Kilo 15 South.
Marsa Allam
Elphinstone Reef, Erg Marsa Alam, Sha'ab Marsa Alam, Sha'ab Samadai or Dolphin House & Sha'ab Sharm.
Brothers Little Brother & Numidia, Daedalus Reef.

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