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Travel Tips

To plan your trip, Here are some of the practical travel tips you may need to know.

Entry visa
, Entry Visas are required for all Nationalities except those whom their countries are the same for Egyptians. Entry Visas can either be obtained from any Egyptian embassy or consulate in your home country or at any port, airport of your arrival if traveling overland visas can be obtained from neighboring countries without much of a problem. You can apply for either a single entry visa, which entitles the holder to a stay of up to one month and is valid for presentation for up to three months, or you can apply for a multiple entry visa that is limited for up to three visits. There is normally a two-week grace period beyond the expiry date of your visa. Visas can be extended for up to a period of six months but you will normally be required to show that you have reasonable reason to get such long visa and show bank receipts proving that you have changed sufficient money. Credit card receipts for purchases or cash advances are generally not accepted.

Clothing, Overall, Egypt is a very casual country! However, you may want to plan accordingly for the weather. Day dress should include cotton and breathable fabric clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, and sun block. Shorts are acceptable.Evening dress is smart-casual. A light jacket or sweater is advisable for the months of November - April.

Money, The national unit of currency is the Egyptian Bound (L.E) with 100 Piaster. In addition to the big hotels, many major shops and restaurants in tourist cities will accept credit cards. Traveler's cheques are best purchased in US dollars or pounds sterling.

Tipping, All hotels and restaurants include a service charge in their bill, In any case it is not obligatory to tip waiters, but you can always add a little extra.If service charge is not included, waiters should be tipped around 10% of the bill.

Electricity and water, The electrical system is based on 220 AC Volt, 50 Hz, and requires rounded two round pins/prong wall plug. Visitors from North America will need a transformers / adapter which can be provided by most hotels.
All hotels have their own filtering water system and their water is considered safe to drink. Also bottled water is cheap and readily available.

Shopping, Egyptian Handcrafts represent a tradition of skilled workmanship and folk art that dates back many thousands of years.The most common Egyptian craft items include, marble statue, papyrus, hand made carpet, silver, jeweler, carved stone animals, Bedouin jeweler, leather goods, colored sand bottles and art crafts, Old swords and turn of the pharos time.A those things, you can easy find through your walk in a downtown (Souq ) will bring you in touch with hundreds of smell every day items that you may wish to take home as a souvenir of your visit to Egypt .

Time, Plus two hours from GMT. Seven hours ahead of US eastern standard time.

Business hours, Friday is the weekly holidays.Government offices and most business are closed.
Banks are opened from Sunday to Thursday from 08h30-15h00.
Business Offices are open from 08h30-13h30.
Government offices are open only from 08h30-14h00.
Shopping Hours are flexible, most shops open from 09h30 till 22h00.

Holidays, Several national holidays are observed on the same day every year:Coptic Christmas (January 07) - Sinai liberation day (April 25th)Labor Day (May 1) - Independence Day (June 18th) -Revelation day (July 23rd)Several Islamic religious holidays are observed by their precise dates vary by about two  weeks every year in line with the Islamic calendar that is used to determine religious holidays.Muslim New Year - Prophets Birthday- Eid Al Fiter -Eid Al Adha -spring day (sham el Nassiem)

Medical services, Medical services are high quality in Egyptian larger cities and towns. Most doctors are bilingual in Arabic and English. All hotels have a doctor on call; Embassies can also suggest a doctor or a hospital.

Useful numbers, Police: 122 -First Aid Ambulance: 123 - Fire Service: 125Traffic Police: 128 - International Airport information: (+202) 2914288Tourist Emergency: 126.

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