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Tour Packages

What ever your interest & wishes for great vacation, Egypt has to be your coming destination because it has many variety and options programs, Tour package and itineraries Witch can meet all ages, Interest and budget all year round with guaranty Sun rise For Leisure beach resort, Bus tours, Adventure, Sports, Classic & Culture tours, Nile cruises, Camel tours, Horse tours, VIP tours Religion Jewish, Christian, Islamic programs with many language assistant guides, Different Egypt travel packages are bellow, You can choose from it also it is pleasure to achieve your own built program the way & date you choose, Visit Egypt Tours welcome everyone from any country to Enjoy Egypt tourism facilities with it is smiley face.

Charter Programs
Charter flights makes the holiday more comfort and cheaper therefore we built this tours packages to enjoy holiday in Egypt either  including small culture  round trip  plus resort relaxation tours packages or just resorts holiday in any of the ( red sea -south Sinai ) cities resort  hotels  based on  charter flights arriving to  Hurghada or Sharm El Sheik airports. relax and enjoy culture tours   More
City Break
Egypt has many international airports, it mean many air lines fly direct to those cities or via Cairo, once you have free couple of days either as short holiday or through normal business trip to Egypt, you can get real value by doing any of the bellow city break short trips to enjoy the main highlights in each city.   More
Round Trip
Either on land parallel with Nile coast where the Egyptians built their civilization and culture (including / excluding) any of the Nile cruises different types or deep inside desert passing different oasis, it can be companied route using different types of transpiration (Bus–4x4-Train–Camel–Dinkies) also you can end by couple of days for relaxing on red or Mediterranean sea.   More
Discover & enjoy, While the desert does not give it is secrets yet & the colorful mountains looks like gardens beside many small oasis telling many stories about the man life since it started here in Egypt, either Safari or trekking in western black and white desert with it is oasis or in Sinai Mountain is the way for adventure visitors using the desert boats (camels) or 4x4 coaches.   More
Visit Egypt Tours offering full packages for Egyptian & resident foreigners either Islamic packages such as Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia including high quality hotels in Makkah and Medina or Christian hajj to Jerusalem and the other holy places and monasteries covering all Egypt.   More
Nile Cruise
Nile Cruises is the best way to trace the Egyptian history, civilization, Soul of old & new daily life may be it is the same like bus tours parallel the Nile coast, but in another atmosphere. Any of the Nile Cruises trips in the front of the high dam either by M/S cruise or sailing boat (Dahabya or felucca) or in Nasser Lake, will achieve your wish discovering Egypt   More
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