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About Egypt
About Egypt

Egypt is the land of the finest ancient civilizations and the promising bright future, invites you to one of the most enjoyable trips of your life.  The Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest ones in human history. Inscriptions on the various Egyptian monuments emphatically date it back to 7000 years. Situated at the crossroad of the world, it is so easy to visit Egypt.

You may enjoy, at little cost, a trip to Egypt. A trip stimulating to mind and pleasing to the heart. Amidst immortal ancient monuments dating from some of the oldest civilizations ever created by man: Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, early Christian and Islamic civilizations.


The history of Egypt is forever tried to the Nile. Ever since the earliest know communities settled along the Nile Valley.  The river has controlled the religious economic social and political life of Egyptians for centuries. Egypt's Broad history can be broken down into major periods:Pharaonic times 3000 – 341 BC - Greek rule (Hellenistic) 332 – 30 BC Roman & Byzantine rule 30 – 638 AD - Arab conquest & Mamelukes 640 – 1517 British occupation period is 1882 –1952. -Independent Egypt 1952 – Present Distances between the Cities: look at Egypt map Picture & Table


Food and beverage, Eating well and heartily is part of the Egyptian kitchen tradition; also you can find all international food restaurants like Chinese, Italian and Other European food test.


Climate, Egypt Popularity as a holiday destination may be in part to its climate.

The hottest months are June, July and August when maximum temperatures range between 34C/95F in Cairo and 41C/107F in Luxor and Aswan.Since the climate tends to be dry, especially in Upper Egypt, the heat is more bearable. Evening is much cooler and very pleasant, which is possibly the reason why night-time in Egypt is so lively. Weather-wise, the best months to visit is March, April, October and November. Other-wise, any time is a good time.

Geography, Heart of the World Middle East North Africa & West Asia, Border Countries is Libya in the West, Sudan in south, Mediterranean sea in the North, Red Sea in the East.

Elevation extremes, Lowest Point: Alexandria - 00 mHighest Point: Jabal Mussa 2,286m Natural resources: - Oil, natural gas, Iron, phosphates, potash....

Population, 80,000,000 (Jan 2010 est.), Ethnic groups the majority are Arab round 99.9% the rest are different.

Religions, The majority is Sunni Muslim round 85 %, Christian round 15% (majority Coptic Orthodox, but some Greek and Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Protestant denominations.

Languages, Arabic (official), English, and French widely understood among upper and middle classes much other language like German, Italian & Spanish easy to touch in the tourist cities.

Government & country name, Conventional long form: Arab republic of Egypt 
Conventional short form:Egypt 
Local short form: Misr 
Local long form: Gomhorit Masr El Arabai

Government type: Republic, Capital Cairo, now we call it the large Cairo because it is combination in between 03 cities (Cairo – Giza – Kaliobia) with about 20.000. 000 citizens

Major tourist cities, Cairo– Sharm El Sheikh – Dahab – Nuwieba – Taba - St, Catharine – El Tur – Suez – ismalia – Port said - Hurghada – El Guna – Sahl Hashish – Soma bay - Safaga – El qusier – Marsa Allama - Luxor – Aswan – Abo Simble - Fayoum – Menia – Assuit - New Valley Oasis ( Baharia – Farafra - Dakhla- Kharga ) – Siwa – Alexandria – Allamein – Msarsa Matrouh

Infrastructure, Egypt has built very strong Infrastructure like large & long roads covers all Egypt either south or north also under Ground Metro, modern couches, telephone lines, Satellite system to make Travel within Egypt more comfort & easy.

Egyptian roads signs are marked in English and Arabic, and there are petrol stations and rest houses at regular intervals throughout the country.

Transportation, Modern cars with taxi sign are easily available on the road.

Taxi, also can be arranged by the hotel. Rent Car offices are also available at the Airports and international companies like Europe car and Hertz or local rent a car companies.
Daily bus service and Railway trains connect Cairo with all Egyptian cities. Private cars service is also available between all cities.

Ports, Nuweiba Port, in Sinai on the Red Sea. Daily ferry boat connects with Aqaba port in Jordan and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt has Private boats available for excursion to Pharaon Island or Aqaba Hurghada Port has ferry boat in between Hurghada & Sharm El Sheikh.

Airports, International and charter flights fly into Cairo International Airport, and all other airports in the tourist cities like Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa alam, Luxor and Aswan.

Domestic flight, Covers all Egyptian cities by Egypt Air star alliance member. All airports provide banking, car-hire and tourist information, Office services in addition to duty-free shop, restaurant and snack bar facilities.

National carrier, Egypt Air Airlines is Star alliance member links Cairo with many of the capitals in Europe, Far East and the Arab world, and operates wide body jets to New York, Chicago and Detroit. Many other international air carriers operate regularly to Cairo.

Telephone & mobile, Direct Local & International telephone lines is available everywhere either in the hotels or in the street the same for the mobile SIM cards is available even for short time use only the trip time , fax and telex communication is available in some exact places like hotels or business centers everywhere

Newspapers, Arabic and English Newspapers, as well as foreign publications, are available at many newsstands either in the hotels or in the streets.

Mailing, Postage stamps & post cards can be purchased at hotels and post offices.

Internet, Is available in the most of the hotels also in the big & tourist cities you can find easy internet coffee with very fast download & cheap price about 01 $ per hour.

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